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15 September 2017

 Wharfe Valley Community Care.

Working together in the Community for the Welfare of Cats is important if we are to tackle the problems in our area.  We are pleased to have received the following correspondence from Leeds Council informing us of  their award reported below.

Back in 2006,when I lead a small delegation to Leeds City Council of animal charities, I travelled in hope.

Ninety nine councillors listened intently.As a result of that speech we were given access to 55,000 council tenants AND Housing Staff 'training days ' in each local office. Sylvia,our Welfare lead in the branch, and I held sessions in every housing office from Rothwell to Otley. Kirsty-Lou our northern area Education Officer,and her volunteers complement this early work today.

A steering group was set up to deliver a plan and monitor it.The aim being more responsible ownership and raised awareness amongst front line staff of pet issues.Tenancy agreements now insist on neutering all cats and dogs.A limit of two pets to   each approved dwelling is the rule and we are moving ,sensitively to that objective.A register is established.

I stood down from Chair of that group a couple of years ago.The baton was picked up by the fine staff you will read about below.We are indebted to them for taking the work even further.

None of us are under any illusions about the size of the task remaining.

Neutering lies at the heart of the matter.Now most Housing Offices,keep ,or have access to our neutering vouchers.Each division of Leeds has a named Pet Champion in the Housing Department.

This initiative is not a well trodden path for animal charities.I would urge them to travel this way.The job cannot be done alone .It means acquiring new skills not always associated with animal charity volunteers.

Think,and act,out of the box, is my motto, or the revolving door will spin endlessly!

There remains much more to do and we are few but we have ' traced the rainbow through the rain' ....'so that morn may tearless be' ( Matheson)

Graham Hoult

Branch Coordinator. Wharfe Valley Cats Protection

                              Housing Leeds - RSPCA Gold!

Good morning everyone!

 We are really pleased to share with you all that Housing Leeds has received the RSPCA Gold Housing Footprint for the second year in a row!!

 The official announcement has been made on the RSPCA website.

 We are really proud of all the positive work we are able to do through working in partnership with you. We are extremely grateful for all your support and involvement that has meant we can keep on improving our Pets Policy and promoting responsible pet ownership initiatives – so we would like to say a big thank you to you all!!!


We look forward to seeing you at our next Pets Champions event – further details will soon be circulated J

 Kind regards,



Katie Dixon-White

Housing Manager – Lettings & Tenancy Management

Housing Leeds

Leeds City Council